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Search Terms to this Site analyzed

The Site In General
voz is neias – “What’s news?”     
chareidi define and define chareidi     - There is an interesting wikipedia article about Hareidism and Chareidi Jews (also known as the Ultra-Orthodox or Heimish Jews) – Why couldn’t you just put the URL of this site into the address bar of your browser and find it that way, why did you have to search the URL to find the site?     
chug chasam sofer – This is the Israeli Yeshiva run by HaRav HaGaon Usher Weiss. I have on occasion met him and/or heard him speak. He’s very gishmak. It is also the name of a Kashrus organization in Eretz Yisroel.
reb chaim brisker – Also known as the Grach. See Chaim Soloveitchik.
chaim haqoton – The small Chaim. That’s who I am.
rchaimqoton     - That’s my username and the first part of my URL.
pronunciation of chaim  - I’m assuming you’re wondering about the first two letters. Sometimes it is written as H or the sound of the Ches is denoted with a dot inside an H. Or in plain Hebrew you can write it as ח. - It’s like the CH or KH in the word Ch/Khanuka, with a “ayim” at the end. Speaking of Chanukka…

Chanuka Terms (This essay)
miriam of Boethus – a Rich widow who a paid a lot for her fiancée to become the High Priest.
chanukka nights of prayer – That’s exactly what Chanukka is. A time to pray  to–more specifically to thank—g-d for his gracious help in the world.
chanuka baba batra     - Are you referring to the story of Herod?
king herod mariamne honey – That’s the famous story on Bava Basra 3b mentioned in the essay in which Herod preserves her in honey. By the way, a person loses their status as a relative after death. Thus, technically there is nothing wrong halachikly with having sexually relations with a dead person who was forbidden to you when she was alive, however, I would think it falls under the issur of Lo Tishaqtzu or Kedoshim Tihyu.  
jewish history chanukah matisyahu yochanan Yonason – Those were a lot of terms in one search. I hope you found what you were looking for.
kabbalistic Hanuka – Ask Madonna, Britney Spears, Ashton Kutcher, or Michael Burg.
khanuka Halakha – Are you looking for a specific Halacha or in general? I’m not a posek, I’m  not even a ba’al Halacha. There are barely any people nowadays who can qualify as a poseq anyways. Ask you local orthodox compotent Rabbi.
eliezer brother of Mattathias – He was actually his son, if I remember correctly.
judith daughter Yochanan – Wasn’t that a cheesy story?     
should noahides light a menorah – I don’t know. But that’s a good question. Do any of my readers know? (Do I even have any readers?)
khanuka 2005 – It’s all going to be 2006 during Chanuka.     
rambam sefer hamitzvos principle 1 – This is when the Rambam (Rabbi Doctor Maimonides) describes authority that the Rabbis have in establishing new laws. Included in this section is Chanuka and the mitzvahs of Purim.
antigonus ish Socho – See Pirkei Avos in the first chapter.
kohen gadol family tree Onias – The two are unrelated. I have somewhere in my room a family tree of the Koahanic family of the Hasmonean era, and additionally Onias (Choni) lived during that period.     
pig alexander Aristotle – Yup, all philosophers and their students are pigs.     
Chanuka – The 25th of Kislev is when they rested, the Maccabbees led by Juda beat the Yevanim. Speaking of Judah the Maccabi…

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Judas Terms (This Essay)
hasmonean, judah maccabbee – What about him?
maccabee elephant—It’s unfortunate, but one of the Hasmonean brothers drowned in Elephant dung during the war of independence.

Jesus/Teves/Winter Terms (This Essay)
yeshua shulchan aruch – Jesus in the Shulchan Aruch? I made a mistake on that essay, by the way, it was a footnote in the Mechon Yerushalayim of the Tur not the Shulchan Aruch. Sorry to all my readers (both of you) who looked it up and couldn’t  find it.
tekufas teves and adam harishon – See the story in Avoda Zara 8a.
creation seven day maharal     -- I’m not sure if this was for this essay or for the wine essay. Or both. That post was mentioned at and

Ideal Jew (This Essay)
difference between a jew hat and a fedora     - Isn’t a Fedora called a Jew Hat?

Holidays and Holy Days (This Essay)
yuntiff      -- The Yiddish phrase used for the Hebrew equivalent, “Yom Tov” or Good Day. It means holiday or festival.

Murder and Morals (This essay and this essay)
stoning execution halachah     -- There is an entire chapter in Sanhedrin which details these laws. I suggest you look there.
mishnah horayos conclusion – The Mishna says that a Mamzer (illegitimate child born from the forbidden incestuous relations) who is a Talmid Khacham (Torah Scholar) is due more honor than a Kohen Gadol (High Kohanic Priest) who is an Am Ha’artez (stam a guy who knows nothing about Torah).       
bible/genocide – That’s what the essays discussed, read them to know my opinion.

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the sword of moses, haqoton.     
the sword of moses, qodesh.     
I have no clue how someone searching those terms find my site, but I wonder what they mean.


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