Friday, February 17, 2006

Addendum to last post

The next post will hopefully be ready next week or the week after, so hang on tight. (That message was for both of the readers of this site).

In this week's parshah, Yisro, the Bais HaLevi has interesting pshat in why goyim are not obligated to give up their lives for certain mitzvos, while yidden are. He says that at Matan Torah, HaShem made a kinyan over the Jews and they became his slaves and are bound by His command, even to the Torah (yet most commandments, He says one is not obligated to die for). Goyim are only bound by his commandment as part of humanity, but not in the fashion that a slave must heed to his master/owner. Therefore, gentiles are commanded in their Noahide laws, but are not obligated to sacrifice themselves for them.

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