Friday, May 11, 2007

Sweet Transformation: A Qoton Classic

Here's as selection from a Qoton Qlassic post from last year:

The sheer sweetness of honey not only has physical holistic healing properties, but it represents a hidden message of transformation. Many medical tell their patients to place a drop of honey under their tongues to alleviate headaches; this act is alluded to by King Solomon in the Scriptures. The Ba'al HaTanya, Rabbi Shneur Zalman Baruchovitch of Liadi (1745-1812) wrote that the mere concentration of honey is so powerful that it can incorporate anything into itself and make that element become like . Scientifically, honey is so concentrated that it is used as a means of preserving foodstuffs (and dead people) because bacteria and mold cannot live within its confines. Honey functions as a means of wholly transferring bitterness into sweetness. When dough is mixed with honey to make Maztah (unleavened, wafer-like bread), its product is given the name “rich Matzoh. The sweetness of honey is commonly used as a metaphor or means of comparison to show how precious and dear something is. In popular culture, some refer to their beloved spouses or relatives as “honey” to allude to their charm and sweetness. Indeed, the land of Eretz Yisroel is praised for its flow of honey. The term honey or “devash” can technically refer to one of two popular sweet foods produced in the Israel-region.

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