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הבל הבלים #קכ"ו

הבל הבלים #קכ"ו*

Since this is ה"ה issue #126, I posted 126 links in 3 categories: Torah, Israel and Reid. (Don't count them; it's not worth your time).

The MUST Gum addict decides that it MUST be that the Torah is his charm. It is the element which helps him achieve the unachievable even in the professional world.

The other Reb Chaim (not me) calculated the price of the First Holy Temple, while I discussed the building of the Third Holy Temple. This blogger discusses some of the miracles from the

Reb Gavriel has an interesting post about adding to Shabbos and Shmittah. Speaking of Shmittah, Micha brings an interesting Chazon Ish who said that the bracha given to those who keep Shmittah applies even to Shemittah MiDrabbonon.

JoeSettler writes a very special piece entitled "Feeling Jewish" about how Jewish holidays just don't give off the aura that they are supposed to--that is, until the tragic events of September 11th. From then on, one can always remind oneself of a great tragedy that happened within our own lifetimes and use that reminder as a catalyst to feel the great tragedies of the past, such as the destruction of the Holy Beis HaMikdash. This was also posted @ the Muqata.

This is a very interesting linking the mitzvah of Kibud Av to the Geulah. I'm still wondering why this blog is called Havolim if it is all Torah, which is the opposite of הבל. Anyways, here is a very touching essay about one father's attempt to teach his son about Tisha B'Av, which ended up with the son inspiring his father. Here is an interesting way to teach kids the true meaning of Tisha B'Av. Jack offers some self-reflection for the Nine Days.

Daf notes discusses a gemara that says a Mamzer will die within ten generations with an amazing vort from the Vilna Gaon.

This blogger writes about the power of Malchus, kingship, and I myself wrote a post about how Moses, Joshua, and Samuel were all kings.

Since philosophy is a very subjective matter with some many varying opinions on it, a final psak is impossible. Bottom line: There's always another valid opinion.

Shimshi quotes from a passage from a book written by Herman Wouk in which the famed author describes his experience learning Gemara (even more interestingly, it was daf yomi) with physicist Richard Feynman (see here for another interview with a Jewish author, but beware of the untznius picture of her and here's an interview with the Lubavitcher Rebbe zt"l).

Avakesh details three views on the Kabbalistical concept of Tsimtsum.

In discussion the divinely-ordained war against the Midianites, this radical blogger has written a post entitled "Unholy War."This was my comment that never passed the moderation: You said: "Serious students of Torah cannot fail to notice, for instance, that a very different portrayal of Midian is offered in the book of Exodus, where Moses finds refuge in Midian, marries a Midianite woman and seeks serious counsel from his father-in-law Jethro, the Midanite High Priest." The Midianites were always treacherous peoples, your proof offered from Jethro proves nothing about the Midianites. The Midrash says (Exodus Rabbah 1:32) that Jethro was ostracized from the mainstream Midianite community, so he and his family lived alone. Furthermore, even in that passage in Exodus, the Torah discusses the Midianite shepherds who were harassing the daughters of Jethro. Don’t try to argue that the Midianites were undeserving of the decree which G-d put upon them. How dare you call a war commanded by G-d Himself an “Unholy War”, on the contrary, you should have titled this post “Holy War!”?

Rabbi Lazy Brody discusses marrying one's cousin or niece.

Heichal HaNeginah presents the story of the Bobover Rebbe zt"l.

So it turns out that the famous story of Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlit"a outcomputing a computer is false.

The artist formerly known as the Godol HaDor, has been busying himself attempting to formulate a new type of theology. Of course, it failed.

Interestingly, a Jerusalem-based conservative think tank, which probably itself does not condone feminism, is considering using feminism as a way of breaking the unity amongst Muslims in a new front on the war against terrorism. Similarly, Jewish activists want to start using the term "Jewish refugees" from Muslim countries just as the Arabs use the term "Palistinian Refugees" from Israel. It has begun.

One philosophy says that the proper way to fight terrorism is not to fight their tactics, rather to fight their ideology, what is driving these people to commit acts of terror.

Robert Avrech warns Israel to watch the skies--especially the skies of Persia--for her enemies are numerous and waiting to strike from all sides. This warning should be especially heeded during the month of Av (see these posts about the conflicting themes on Rosh Chodesh Menachem-Av). But Israel doesn't seem to get it! Especially the recently coronated President Shimon Peres. But President Bush doesn't seem to get it either. We should just impeach the guy.

This Zionist compares the Israeli educational television programs for children, to the Palestinian educational television programs for kids.

Israel Zwick has posted information about a video on Islamic violence about the "religion of peace".

An organization in Israel has written a kinah describing the destruction of Gush Katiff. Batya compares the small Israel left after a complete disengagement to a ghetto.

Although this post about the ratio of terrorist Muslims to non-terrorist Moslems was actually submitted, after being introduced to this blog (which is by the way the purpose of ה"ה to introduce people to blogs that may otherwise have been seen), I decided to link to this post, about the truth behind Christian Zionism, as well. He also talks about a Jewish theocracy as does the Rabbi without a cause.

The noble Irina has posted a touching article about humanizing the kidnapped Israeli soldiers who, after a year, are still not yet freed (warning, untznius photos). Another blogger writes about how Israel needs Hamas. Don't worry, NPR botched up their interview with Condi Rice.

There were some interesting archaeological findings in Israel recently.

Pig and Potter are illegal in Israel (or at least on Shabbos and in Netanya, respectively)! Ben-Yehuda has put in his ten agurot buying/reading Harry Potter during the Nine Days. Interestingly, my friend told me that a prominent posek in America has ruled that even according to those opinions who permit reading a book such as Harry Potter ("Chaim Pottervitch"), it is absolutely forbidden to purchase or read this seventh book during the Nine Days. Ben-Yehuda ends of hoping to land a job as an actor for the 2010 Harry Potter movie even though he can't work on Shabbos and Yuntiff, but then again maybe he will get hired and then fired (as a side note, I will actually be flying this week to New York via JetBlue). Yeshiva World reports that in Israel, it will actually be illegal to sell the book on Shabbos, and they will enforce it.

This Arcadi guy seems bent on creating a personality cult--especially amongst Hareidi Jews in Israel. Speaking of Chareidi Jews, they aren't as bad as people make them out to be. Really.

This blogger writes about the "Goldene Medinah" and how people would rather live in the Diaspora than in the Holy Land. And yet the self-hating Israeli government is cutting funding to Nefesh B'Nefesh because they mainly recruit religious Jews for Aliyah.

In two varieties of religious fanatics, Reb Yudel talks about a man who went from Ivy league grad to ba'al teshuvah to Messianic Christian.

Rabbi Yehuda Henkin points out some silly mistakes made by the Encyclopedia Judaica concerning their entry in his grandfather, Rabbi Eliyahu Henkin. On the same blog, an interesting phenomenon in the frum world is discussed: people printing seforim to give out at weddings.

In an effort to remind us of the upcoming Geulah, this blogger has posted a description of Pesach in Lithuania, behind the iron curtain.

The BBC had decided to agree with anti-semitic propaganda that Bava Metzia is some law that allows Jews to lie to gentiles. In reality, however, Bava Metzia is the name of a tractate of the Talmud and means "Middle Gate", as one can clearly learn from the all-knowing Wikipedia. Incidentally, I also learned from the wiki that the Director of Audio and Music for the BBC is a granddaughter of Rav Chatzkel Abramsky. Oh yeah, and let's also repeat the lie that Zionism is racism.

In describing the significance of this post, mominisreal writes: "Many women have made the commitment to stay in difficult marriages. This blog was started so that they can find and support each other. Please help by posting a link on your own blog. Thanks, Mom in Israel."Here is a post about lucid dreaming, very appropriate for the Nine Days because King David writes (Psalms 126:1) that after the Ultimate Redemption, the exile will seem like a mere dream (he wrote another about Shabbos). I guess this golus is a very realistic dream. (The same blogger wrote this post, but I couldn't understand what he was saying in it.)World Zionist leaders have finally admitted what Hollywood screenwriter Ben Hecht and Rabbi Michel Ber Weissmandel have been telling us for years about the Holocaust.

While some of us are mourning the destruction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, others are bemoaning the destruction of a maon (pun intended) in the settlements.

The Argentinian Jewish community has asked their government to cut ties with Iran.

AidelMaidel, who has been going through so much over the past few years, is going through more. May HaShem speedily heal her husband. Remember, the power of davening for others can cause one's own prayers to be answered.

This blog offers some resources for those planning a bar/bat mitzvah.

Zchus Avos writes about the genealogy of Rabbi Lazer Brody, based on this post. This blogger also discusses Rav Lazer's post.

In an effort to stop U.S. jails from brewing extremist Muslims, the federal government had decided that only 150 pre-approved books for each religion will stock in prison libraries. Missing amongst the Jewish books include the Zohar and the Rambam. Some inmates have already filed suit.

Should one hide mental ilness for the puposes of Shidduchim? Speaking of Shidduchim, YeshivaWorld has a story about marrying a Ba'al Teshuva. Speaking of marriage, he's a post on planned parenthood.

Rivkah is davening, nay, pleading, that HaShem answers her prayers.

This post is so funny because it is actually an accurate description of my own mother. Does counting sheep really help one fall asleep???

DixieJew discusses the pros and cons of anonymous blogging. The celebrated Jewish copyright lawyer, Ronald Coleman, has legalistically figured out a way to stop anonymous blogging and this is by getting the SEC involved, because it is a potential risk that anonymous bloggers can reveal insider information about companies.

The sister carnivals to ה"ה has posted the newest edition of the Kosher Cooking Carnival #20 and the newest edition (untznius pictures) of J Pix #12. I don't know who the next host of ה"ה will be, but you can find more information here.

*=As I wrote in my previous ה"ה post, due to controversy regarding the proper transliteration of this phrase, the author has chosen to leave it in its pure Hebrew form as intended by King Solomon in his famous work “Ecclesiastes” included in the recent compendium known as “Tanakh”.


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I call it Havolim for two reasons.

1. Because in Ecclesiastes, Shlomo Hamelech says that the human intellect is limited and prejudiced, and only with that in mind can we aspire to the truth through limud hatorah.

2. In the sense of "hevel pihem shel tinokos shel beis rabbon."

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