Monday, September 10, 2007

Likelihood of Hatzlocha

What with R' Chaim in EY holding up the whole world, I would hate for this blog to be written into the wrong book, chas v'shalom, in the coming year.

I'm R' Chaim's frum grown-up lawyer friend from Passaic, and he has asked me to help out here from time to time. Now that he is focusing entirely on reality instead of this world of falsehood we inhabit, you are left, in part, with me.

Well, it happens that my own blog, Likelihood of Success, has taken a decidedly Jewish turn in the last week or so -- could it be Elul? You may want to stop over and take a look. I have recently commented on or linked to:

I'm big on hachnasas orchim, too, so feel free to stop in, leave a comment, start up with me, put your feet on the furniture -- just remember, we're already holding by slichos around here.


Yehu said...

Thanks for putting up these links.

For more about the nazis in Israel see here. Also there is a link there to an incredible site which documented anti-Semitic and Nazi sentiment within Russian immigrants that started over 7 years ago.

Another great site with info on Arab fundamentalism and the Labour-Zionists' sabotaging of rescue efforts during the holocaust.

Thanks for the link BTW. Had you informed me immedately I would have thanked you on time as well. Oh, nevermind...

House of Israel said...

Should "Torah Observant Jews" be vegitarians? I encourage you to see a new documentary A SACRED DUTY: Applying Jewish Values To Help Heal The World, its truly and eye opener! this is very informative and very important that every Torah observing Jew and Torah observing non Jew, watch this video! Thank you! Catherine manna

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