Thursday, October 05, 2006

Friday Scribe Jamboree

The purpose of the Friday Scribe Jamboree is to give exposure to some posts from other Daily Scribe members. It's technically not yet Friday here in PST, but it's close enough, plus I'll be busy tomorrow preparing for both Shabbos and Succos. So here goes:

  1. In this post, pomo tries to say that hookahs are not as bad as they are cracked up (pun intended) to be. Actually I know someone who was kicked out of Yeshiva for smoking flavored tobacco from a hookah. His mistake was getting caught. I told him to try "hookah in the sukkah." (Sorry for that horrible pun.)
  2. This post discussed the scions of the Davidic family, and in the comments of this post, I had a terrible urge to start showing off my yichus.
  3. The author of this post wanted to apply moral standards to Kashrus certification, although in the comments I tried to argue, but the author never responded yet.
  4. Another Uber-Liberal tried to bash the Orthodox establishment by basically calling Aish HaTorah a lying cult, see this post.
  5. In a very enlightening discussion with a witch/pagan, we discussed how the concept behind Yom Kippur apply even outside of a Jewish framework.
  6. I'm not sure if I properly understand this post, but it seems like an interesting way to simplify one of the greatest assets of religion, namely, a moral code.
Have a Gut Shabbos and Gut Yuntiff...

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