Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Mekubal on Chazal

To this post, I would like to add the words of The "Ben Ish Chai", Rabbi Yosef Chaim of Baghdad (1834–1909). The Ben Ish Chai writes (Benayau to Bava Basra 25b) that Chazal relied on the secular science of their generations, and therefore what they say is not neccessarily self-evident on matters of science (as opposed to matters of halacha). See there at great length. Of course some people just don't even beleive Chazal knew anything about halacha anyways (even if it was their area of expertise?).


kishnevi said...

Since when do we pasken Reform anyway?
Although, if I read him correctly, he's trying to say he is following what the Gemara says is really correct, and he's not challenging Chazal, but the acharonim and rishonim.

Rachack said...

Even though the Gemara says not like him later on anyways. Kishnevi, please email me ASAP at rchaimqoton at gmail dawt com.

kishnevi said...

seen and done. 4:58 EDT 10/19

You may mistake the email address for a WASP, but it's the real me.

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