Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday Scribefest

The Friday Scribefest is a collection of my favorites posts from Daily Scribe members compiled by myself over the course of a week. The purpose is to spread the awareness of other religious points of view and other people's opinion.

Shawn has made a major decision concerning his theological affiliation, and he has left the Universalist Unitarianism Association to join the United Church of Christ. I wish him good luck on his spiritual journey, and perhaps one day he will eventually find a truth that he will be happy with.

Conspiracy theorists, get out your notebook for this discussion as to the whereabout of the treasure from the destroyed Second Holy Temple. I still think it's in the Vatican.

I can sympathize with Danya, who has socialized enough this Yom Tov, and basically just wants some alone time.

Some Islamist accused the new Apple store in NYC of looking like something that it doesn't look like and selling something that it doesn't sell.

In this post, Dave mentioned the effect that music can have on people. Choosing the write hymn will cause one to not become a murderer. Now, imagine all these songs in popular culture about rape, murder, drugs, alcohol, etc..., if someone listens to that garbage it can have an effect on him which turns him into a rapist (or raper, pun intended), murderer, drug addict or dealer, and alcoholic. One must be very careful concerning what type of music one listens to.

In this post, a fellow Jew basically says that she doesn't like hyprocrites. Although, I have proven that it is not her rebuker's hypocrasy which has made her upset, but rather it was the fact she was rebuked.

In this post, ck discuss the cost of belief. In my opinion, if one truly beleives in G-d, then one would realize that all is from Him, so the fact that beleiving in Him would cost someone (whether it costs money to buy what is needed for the rituals which He has perscribed, or whether one's belief in Him will cause one to be ridiculed by others, or other costs) is irrelevant, because He is the one who gives it anyways.

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