Sunday, August 20, 2006

Exodus Decoded

Exodus Decoded

Did anyone besides me actually sit down and watch this program?

I have some interesting points to make:
1) They misunderstood what the fourth plague was.
2) The word Keren does not always mean "horn" it can mean corner sometimes.
3) They made way to many baseless assumptions.

On the positive side, they had an interesting scientifcal explanation for the tenth plague.

The show will be replayed tonight in fifty-five minutes (9PM PST). It runs for two hours.


Ilan the Portlander Rebbe said...

You watch alot of tv for a yesviah boy. Next week, give us an essay of DS9:The Jewish frontier.

Now I'm sad. Who am I going to bug when you go away next week?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am watching this program as I write this, and while it has interesting ideas, there's two major stumbling blocks:
1) there are two many coincidences lining up here, which suggests that if divine intervention is required to top it all off, it makes God into a mass murderer (not just Egyptians, but the inhabitants of Thira [Santorini] and the destruction of Minoan civilization)
2) the program isn't over yet, but where is the evidence of a 2-million strong population moving through the Sinai for a generation? There's not enough geologic time to erase such a presence.

Anonymous said...

I have a real problem putting too much faith into a program that continually states (this) may/could have done (this). Then, 30 seconds later treats it as a hard fact. Then, 30 seconds later creates another assumption based on the "hard facts" created by multiple assumptions previously made in the show.
Couldn't they have gotten a professional narrator to do the show?

Anonymous said...

You all have summed up my thoughts EXACTLY! I watch a lot of these shows, but I was bowled over by the narrator's "logic" in piecing everything together. "You can't do that!" I kept saying to the program (as if it could hear me).

He may have a lead or two in there that scholars have yet to integrate into common academic knowledge...but I just wasn't buying it. I was actually shocked that The History Channel would back up such baseless detective work as if it were going to revolutionize modern biblical archaeology!

Anonymous said...

So I'm curious... everyone here has dissed this show and disregarded it with vague reasoning... such as "you can't do that" when it comes to piecing information together... can't do what? Give specifics. People say "you can't do this or that" - well, why not?

At least the individual who didn't like it for theological reasons (making God a mass murderer) is disregarding it because the Biblical accounts of the Exodus and his/her image of God simply don't match up. However, whatever we like or don't like, that has nothing to do with the archaeology provided here.

Now I agree, they make a lot of assumptions... but is that new? Sometimes you have to take an assumption and go with it... Half of science is based on certain assumptions (IF this is true, what then? Just look at Darwin--he made some whoppers when it came to assumptions) I personally thought the royal ring impressions found and carvings, etc. were a good basis for some of the assumptions made. Perhaps that makes me naive and "uneducated" in the field of archaeology, but until I hear the solid evidence on the other side that discounts it, not just vague "you can't do that" statements, I have to wonder why everyone is so quick to judge this?

I don't take this show hook-line-and-sinker, either, but he raises interesting enough questions that I think deserve serious consideration and at least further investigation.

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