Friday, August 11, 2006

Jewish History - JEWS DYING

Jewish history is a series of re-occuring events in an ever-revolving cycle. When learning the book of Judges, my Rebbe always used to explain that the entire book is like a roller-coaster. At one point the Jews are prospering. Then, they forgot Who the source of all their success is, and they begin to stray from the Torah. As a punishment, HaShem sends people to pain and subjagate the Jews. After feeling so much pain, the Jews decide to return to HaShem and His Torah, and they repent. Torah study and Mitzvos flourish at which point the Jewish nation goes once again to the top of the roller-coaster, only to fall again. At this point in time, we are at one of the lowest points of the roller-coaster of life. As the Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Berel Wein points out, Jews are dying. In his latest column for the Jerusalem Post, "Jewish History - JEWS DYING, Rabbi Wein writes,

"Apparently we are now once again back in the historical norm of Jews being killed every day simply because they are Jews. Israeli Arabs are also being killed by the rockets of their co-religionists but they also deserve to be killed because they are living in a Jewish state. Jews in Seattle were shot at and one was killed because she somehow was also Jewish. Tens of thousands of idiotic Europeans march carrying pictures of Nasralla and extolling the rights of the Moslem terrorists to keep on killing Jews. The head of Iran promises a new Holocaust and is actively preparing for it."
So Jews are dying again. See the rest of his article where he discusses many of the issues affected current events today.

Gut Shabbos

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