Thursday, August 17, 2006

Friday Scribe Jamboree

(Disclaimer: Certain links in this post are not necessarily appropriate for Torah True Jews)

It's that time of the week again (technically, it's thursday night at 9:50PM right now wherever it is that I am, but on the East Coast it's been Friday for one hour already, plus Europe has to count for something). That is, time to link to five posts from around the Daily Scribe community. Mr. Anthony has presented a post comparing the Christian messiah to Buddha. I had a nice long discussion with him in the comments section of that post, which were watched by an eavesdropper.

On a lighter note, it is nice to see that baseball is still the National Pastime of America. I love hotdogs, I think tonight was the fourth time this week that I had hot dogs for dinner.

Although religious plurality is likely a good thing, I think everyone can agree that whatever Madonna is up to with her crazy antics are a disgrace to the Catholic and Jewish communities. I will leave with a picture portraying religious pluralism:

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