Thursday, August 24, 2006

Going off

I will be going off to Yeshiva on Saturday night and will likely have no access to a computer, and for sure to the internet, until after Yom Kippur. I'm thinking of this as a fourty-day Kallah in which I can totally immerse myself into my Talmudic studies without any distractions coming from the internet. It's been a great year here on this blog, I think I've learned as much as my readers have learned through this blog. I'm not sure about the future of this blog, but I did ask some people to temporarily replace me in my absence for about the next fourty days. After that time, I will re-evaluate the need for this blog and perhaps shut it down or change its direction. At this point, I would like to ask Ilan the Portlander Rebbe, Chaim Braverman, and Roman Polansky to start their writing for this blog. Perhaps I will get more people to join the crew in the next day.

Have a happy and sweet New Year and may it be His will that this year shall be the end and culmination of all our pains, and the beginning and start of the redemption of our souls.
לשנה טובה ומתוקה ויה"ר שתהא השנה הזה סוף וקץ לכל צרתנו תחילה וראש לפדיון נפשנו

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