Friday, August 25, 2006

A Rock'n Good Shabbos

Hi All!

Sense Reb Chaim is way for Yeshiva for the near future, he asked me to take over his little blog. Normally, I would turn him down, and possibly smack him around a little for this kind of request. Let’s be honest about this alright, blogging is for losers. If anybody cared what you had to write, someone actually pay you to write it. Ideal, only people with something important to say get a voice to say it. Not anymore. These days any nutjob with a DSL lines gets his own little soapbox to explain why the government is trying to eat your grandmother or how donuts are really the herald of the apocalypse.

Let’s look at what someone who actully gets paid real money to write thinks about blogging

"Isn't blogging basically for angry, semi-employed losers who are too untalented or too lazy to get real jobs in journalism?"

"If the market really valued what you have to say, wouldn't someone pay you for it?"

-Garry Trudeau, of Doonesbury fame.

Truer words, old chum. Incidentally, I am a writer, although currently out of work one. The principle still stands. I get paid real, none digital money for what I write. The idea of a blog says that I should do what I usually charge quite a bit to do, and do it for free. It’s like asking a lumberjack to chop down your trees for free, because you really want to see how he cuts.

But sense I like Reb Chaim I’m supposed to go his jamboree for him. Well, we don’t do that here. Why not you ask? Because, this is a Jewish site. The whole concept of Judaism is against religious pluralism. As Jews, we are supposed to be leading people away form the kind of stuff on the daily scribe. If I post links there, I will be leading other Jews astray, which violates a major commandment in the torah. I’m not going to have that on my check list with Elul just starting. I’m screwing up enough thank you very much.

Instead, here are some sits helpful for growth in torah.

There. Now go learn and quit looking at new age hippy junk. Go. Now.

Good Shabbos.

Ilan, the Portlander Rebbe.


Reb Chaim HaQoton said...

It looks like the most right-wing elements of this blog have taken over. Let's see what direction they take this blog in my absence. Have a gut Shabbos and a gut new year everybody. I'm leaving right after Shabbos.

Mary Hogan said...

If you are right wing, Portlander, good for you.

Mary Hogan

Pragmatician said...

obviously you've never felt the thrill of logging in and see '20' comments.

Money doesn't buy everything Tzaddikle:)

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