Friday, August 18, 2006

The future of Reb Chaim HaQoton

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Next Motzei Shabbos (Saturday Night), I will be returning to Yeshiva. I dorm away in an out-of-town Yeshiva, so I will likely not be home to have access to a computer until our first break which starts in the beginning of October, after Yom Kippur. Therefore, I had originally planned to get some other people to take over this blog and continue posting the same type of articles which you have seen here in the past year (yes, it is the blog's one year anniversary this month). In doing so, I had commissioned Ilan the Portlander Rebbe and Chaim Braverman to continue this blog in my absence. However, a reader, Ronald Coleman, had privately suggested to me that I call it quits, at least temporarily and not ask others to replace me own my blog while I am away. I am torn; I'm not sure which idea is the best. So I am leaving it up to the readers what I should do. After you make your vote, please post a comment explaining your rationale and any questions that you might have.

(By the way, if I decide to let others run the blop while I'm gone, I will probably need more than two people, so if you would also like the job of blogging here, please email me privately at or comment to this post.)

In short, I am going off to Yeshiva and won't be able to even visit this blog for a month. So should I get some other people to take over the blog, or temporarily close until I'm back and post sporadically?


Pragmatician said...

There are advantages to both options I think.
If others continue to update this blog it will encourage return visits, on the other hands if others write the blog risks loosing it's credibility if the articles are very different in style and interest..

Reb Chaim HaQoton said...

That's why I'm so torn.

Pragmatician said...

try to work with others but keep the right to edit or delete what you don't like.

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